Presolar Grain Workshop

January 28 – 29, 2012

Washington University


This workshop is part of a series of (almost) annual presolar grain workshops that were started by Don Clayton in 1990. Until 2002 the workshops alternated between Clemson University and Washington University, but they have since expanded to The University of Chicago and the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

January 28 (Saturday)

8:30 Ken Kelton, Ramanath Cowsik “Welcome”

9:00 Don Clayton “Carbon SUNOCONs in SNIIe: A new equilibrium condensation model having radioactive destruction of CO”

9:30 Amanda Karakas “An update on what’s available from the Monash/Stromlo models”

10:00 Bob Gehrz “Classical novae as sources of interstellar gas and dust”

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Sara Palmerini “Low mass AGB stars as progenitor of SiC and oxide grains: novelties from stellar modeling and nuclear physics”

11:30 Janaina Avila “U-Th-Pb isotopic compositions in stardust silicon carbide grains from the Murchison meteorite”

12:00 Josiah Lewis “Meteoritic nanodiamond analysis by atom-probe tomography”

12:30  Lunch

13:30 Ernst Zinner “Where do supernova graphite grains form?”

14:00 Evan Groopman “Heterogeneous distributions of C, N, and O isotopes and Raman signatures in low-density supernova graphite grains from Orgueil”

14:30 Reto Trappitsch “Iron isotopic abundances in presolar grains”

15:00 Brad Meyer “Sensitivity of massive-star yields to model parameters”

15:30 Coffee

16:00  Bob Binns “Cosmic ray origins”

16:30  Kevin Croat “Presolar refractory metal nuggets”

17:00 Philipp Heck “Atom-probe tomography of individual meteoritic and synthetic nanodiamonds”

18:00  Banquet at the Knight Center

January 29 (Sunday)

8:30 Falk Herwig “Hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis simulations for advanced stellar shell burning”

9:00 Pierre Haenecour “Presolar silicates in LAP 031117: insights into the formation of fine-grained rims around chondrules”

9:30 Nan Liu “Development of a resonance ionization method for isotopic analysis of neodymium in presolar SiC grains”

10:00 Manavi Jadhav “Preliminary nano-synchrotron XRF and XRD analyses of a low-density Orgueil graphite”

10:30  Coffee

11:00  Thomas Stephan “CHILI – a progress report”

11:30  Kun Wang “58Fe and 54Cr in early solar system materials”

12:00 Ann Nguyen “The stellar sources of isotopically rare presolar silicate grains: a Mg isotopic study”

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Scott Messenger “Origins of GEMS grains”

14:00 Tom Zega “Ti XANES on solar and presolar hibonite”

14:30 Larry Nittler “Extreme Cr and O isotope anomalies in tiny Orgueil oxides”

15:00 Concluding remarks, End of Workshop

Argonne National Laboratory: Mike Savina

Australian National University:  Amanda Karakas

Carnegie Institution of Washington: Larry Nittler

Clemson University: Don Clayton, Brad Meyer, Tianhong Yu

Field Museum: Philipp Heck

NASA Johnson Space Center: Scott Messenger, Ann Nguyen

University of Arizona: Tom Zega

University of Chicago: Andy Davis, Levke Koeoep, Nan Liu, Thomas Stephan, Reto Trappitsch

University of Hawaii: Manavi Jadhav

University of Minnesota: Bob Gehrz

University of Perugia: Sara Palmerini

University of São Paulo: Janaina Avila

University of Victoria: Falk Herwig

Washington University: Tom Bernatowicz, Bob Binns, Ramanath Cowsik, Kevin Croat, Jayesh Das, Christine Floss, Evan Groopman, Frank Gyngard, Pierre Haenecour, Mairin Hynes, Marty Israel, Josiah Lewis, Alex Meshik, Frederic Moynier, Wei Jia Ong, Francois-Regis Orthous-Daunay, Olga Pravdivtseva, Carol Prombo, Paul Savage, Keith Stumbaugh, Trecia Stumbaugh, Linda Trower, Kun Wang, Brigitte Wopenka, Yuchen Xu, Ernst Zinner