Christine Floss

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Christine Floss
Laboratory for Space Sciences
Physics Department, CB 1105
Washington University
1 Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA

Ph.D., Washington University,


Compton 456

(314) 935-6206

(314) 935-6219

Christine Floss obtained her Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Washington University (Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences) in 1991. Her thesis work focused on understanding the petrogenesis of lunar ferroan anorthosites and an unusual group of enstatite meteorites known as aubrites, through investigation of their trace element microdistributions.

She then spent five years working as a research scientist at the Max-Planck-Institut f. Kernphysik in Heidelberg, under the direction of Prof. A. El Goresy, after which she and her husband, Frank J. Stadermann, returned to Washington University.  Since 2012 she is Research  Professor of Physics.
Dr. Floss' research interests focus on using the diversity of extraterrestrial material available for laboratory study (meteorites, cosmic dust) to better understand the origin and evolution of the early solar nebula. Specific areas of current research include:
identification of circumstellar silicate and oxide grains to understand the conditions of formation in their stellar sources as well as their survival in solar system materials
experimental and isotopic studies of interplanetary dust particle and primitive chondritic meteorites to understand the distribution and origin of isotopic anomalies observed in these materials
studies of trace element distributions in individual minerals of meteorites, lunar samples and terrestrial rocks, to understand their petrogenesis, as well as secondary effects occurring on their parent bodies (thermal metamorphism, aqueous alteration, etc).Frank_J_Stadermann.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

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