Here is a (partial) list of previous graduates from our research group together with their current affiliation.

If you are listed here with incorrect information or a missing link or if something or somebody should be added, please contact Christine Floss.

Maitrayee Bose ( PhD 2011)

Arizona State University

Jennifer Mabry  (PhD 2009)

University of Oxford

Frank Gyngard (PhD 2009)

Washington University

Manavi Jadhav (PhD 2009)

Lan-Anh N. Nguyen (PhD 2006)

NASA Johnson Space Center

Cristine Jennings (A.M 2002)

Weber State University

Shannon L Colton (A.M. 2009)

Southwest Research Institute

Karl Kehm (PhD 2000)

Washington College, Maryland

Yunbin Guan (PhD 1998)

California Institute of Technology

Bob Brazzle (PhD 1997)

Jefferson College, Missouri

Scott Messenger (PhD 1997)

NASA Johnson Space Center

Mairin Hynes ( PhD 2010)

Washington University

Larry R. Nittler (PhD 1996)

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Weibiao Hsu (PhD 1995)

Purple Mountain Observatory

Meenakshi Wadhwa (PhD 1994)

Arizona State University

Laura Lundberg (A.M. 1993)


Robert H. Nichols Jr. (PhD 1992)

Cumberland University

Christine Floss (PhD 1991)

Washington University

Bryan E Hagee (PhD 1990)

Mobil Oil Corp. NJ

Chad T. Olinger (PhD 1990)

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Albert J. Fahey (PhD 1988)

Kevin D. McKeegan (PhD 1987)

University of California, Los Angeles

Marc W. Caffee (PhD 1986)

Purdue University

Timothy D. Swindle (PhD 1986)

University of Arizona Tucson

Scott Sandford (PhD 1985)

NASA Ames Research Center

Steve Sutton (PhD 1984)

University of Chicago

George Flynn (PhD 1982)

State University of New York

Bryant Hudson (PhD 1981)

HIR Laboratories

Phil Fraundorf (PhD 1980)

University of Missouri, St. Louis

Thomas J. Bernatowicz (PhD 1980)

Washington University

Kasey Wagoner (PhD 2010)

Princeton University

Evan Groopman (PhD 2015)

Naval Research Laboratory

Pierre Haenecour (PhD 2016)

University of Arizona

Josiah Lewis (PhD 2017)

Washington University