Abstracts 2005


Abstracts of presentations from our group at various scientific conferences in 2005. All contributions are downloadable as PDF files.

68th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society
Gatlinburg TN, USA, September 12-16, 2005
Amari S., Zinner E., and Lewis R. S. (2005)
Isotopic analysis of presolar graphite from the KFB1 Murchison separate.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A15.
Day J. M. D., Taylor L. A., Floss C., McSween H. Y., Jr., Liu Y., and Hill E. (2005)
Petrogenesis of martian Nakhlite MIL 03346.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A36.
Floss C., Stadermann F. J., Nguyen A., Zinner E., and Lea A. S. (2005)
High Fe contents in presolar silicate grain: primary feature or the result of secondary processing?
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A49.
Jadhav M., Amari S., Zinner E., and Maruoka T. (2005)
Continued isotopic studies of presolar graphite from Orgueil.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A75.
Kurat G., Zinner E., and Varela M. E. (2005)
Trace element abundances in St. Aubin (UNGR iron) giant chromite and associates phases.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A88.
Marrocchi Y., Robert F., Binet L., and Marty B. (2005)
Trapping of Xenon upon evaporation-condensation of organic matter under UV irradiation: Isotopic fractionation and electron paramagnetic resonance analysis.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A96.
Nguyen A., Zinner E., Stadermann F. J., Alexander C. M. O’D., and Nittler L. R. (2005)
On the abundance of presolar silicate and oxide grains in primitive meteorites.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A113.
Nittler L. R., Alexander C. M. O’D., Stadermann F. J., and Zinner E. K. (2005)
Presolar chromite in Orgueil.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A114.
Stadermann F. J., Floss C., Zinner E., Nguyen A., and Lea A. S. (2005)
Auger spectroscopy as a complement to NanoSIMS studies of presolar materials.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A146.
Stroud R. M., Nittler L. R., Alexander C. M. O’D., Stadermann F. J., and Zinner E. K. (2005)
Microstructure of a presolar hibonite grain.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A148.
Zeigler R. A., Korotev R. L., Jolliff B. L., and Floss C. (2005)
A new type of evolved lunar lithology: basaltic-andesite glass.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A173.
Zinner E. and Goswami J. N. (2005)
On the local irradiation production of short-lived isotopes in the early solar system.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 40, A174.
36th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Houston TX, USA, March 14-18, 2005
Allton J. H., Stansbery E. K., McNamara K. M., Meshik A., See T. H., and Bastien R. (2005)
Initial subdivision of Genesis early science polished aluminum collector.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1806.
Amari S., Zinner E., and Lewis R. S. (2005)
Presolar graphite and its noble gases.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1867.
Bernatowicz T. J., Akande O. W., Croat T. K., and Cowsik R. (2005)
Constraints on grain formation around carbon stars from laboratory studies of presolar graphite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1509.
Bland P. A., Rost D., Vicenzi E. P., Stadermann F. J., Floss C., Fries M., Steele A., Benedix G. K., Lee M. R., Watt L. E., and Kearsley A. T. (2005)
Trace element carrier phases in primitive chondrite matrix: Implications for volatile element fractionation in the inner solar system.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1841.
Croat T. K., Stadermann F. J., and Bernatowicz T. J. (2005)
Internal grains within KFC graphites: implications for their stellar source.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1507.
Floss C. and Stadermann F. J. (2005)
NanoSIMS D/H imaging of isotopically primitive interplanetary dust particles.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1423.
Floss C. and Stadermann F. J. (2005)
Presolar (circumstellar and interstellar) phases in Renazzo: the effects of parent body processing.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1390.
Jadhav M., Maruoka T., Amari S., and Zinner E. (2005)
Finally: presolar graphite grains identified in Orgueil.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1976.
Kurat G., Varela M. E., and Zinner E. (2005)
Silicate inclusions in the Kodaikanal IIE iron meteorite.
Lunar & Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1814.
Nguyen A. N., Zinner E., and Stroud R. M. (2005)
Continued characterization of presolar silicate grains from the Acfer 094 carbonaceous chondrite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #2196.
Nittler L. R., Alexander C. M. O'D., Stadermann F. J., and Zinner E. (2005)
Presolar Al-, Ca, and Ti-rich oxide grains in the Krymka meteorite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #2200.
Pravdivtseva O. V., Hohenberg C. M., and Meshik A. P. (2005)
I-Xe Dating: The time line of chondrule formation and metamorphism in LL chondrites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #2354.
Stadermann F. J., Floss C., Bland P. A., Vicenzi E. P., and Rost D. (2005)
An oxygen-18 rich presolar silicate grain from the Acfer 094 meteorite: a NanoSIMS and TOF-SIMS study.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #2004.
Stroud R. M. and Bernatowicz T. J. (2005)
Surface and internal structure of pristine presolar silicon carbide.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #2010.
Varela M. E., Kurat G., and Zinner E. (2005)
Can glasses help us to unravel the origin of barred olivine chondrules?
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1436.
Yada T., Stadermann F. J., Floss C., Zinner E., Olinger C. T., Graham G. A., Bradley J. P., Dai Z., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., and Bernas M. (2005)
Discovery of abundant presolar silicates in subgroups of Antarctic micrometeorites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1227.
Zinner E., Amari S., Jennings C., Mertz A. F., Nguyen A. N., Nittler L. R., Hoppe P., Gallino R., and Lugaro M. (2005)
Al and Ti isotopic ratios of presolar SiC grains of type Z.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XXXVI, #1691.
Croat T. K., Stadermann F. J., and Bernatowicz T. J. (2005)
Coordinated TEM and NanoSIMS of presolar graphites.
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2005.
Stadermann F. J. (2005)
Recent developments in the use of SIMS in cosmochemistry.
18th Annual SIMS Workshop.
Varela M. E., Kurat G., Zinner E., and Brandstätter F. (2005)
SIMS study of glasses in the Cachari eucrite: One more piece of evidence for a common source for most glasses in meteorites?
European Geosciences Union.